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Join the world of celebrity, model, photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist.. Free storage up to 10GB

加入世界艺人,模特儿, 摄影师,化妆师,发型师... 免费存储高达10GB


1ST CASH RM500.00
2ND CASH RM200.00
3RD CASH RM100.00

Q: What I need to do to participant in this contest?
A: You need to create a page and design up your page to attract Like from your friends and users

Q: How can i create a Page?
A: click "Pages" on the menu and you will see a blue color graphic "Create a Page" at your top right, click on it and it will bring you to create a page. OR follow this link: http://www.lexusmodeling.com/pages/add/

Q: What is the minimum requirement for this contest to WIN the prizes?
A: You need to have minimum of 500 Like to your page.

Q: What about if I have more than 500 Like to my page?
A: You are qualified for this contest and stand the chance to win the prize of RM500 or RM200 or RM100

Q: Why I not the winner for this contest even I have 500 Like to my page?
A: Because there are others user’s page that are more Like than yours. The most higher Like page will win the prize. So, start to be the higher Like now. Every page that after 500 Like are stand to be the winner! Hurry let get stated now!

Q: I’m not a model but I am a photographer, can I join this contest?
A: Yes.

Q: I’m not a model but I am a makeup artist, can I join this contest?
A: Yes.

Q: When is the closing date for this contest?
A: You can start to create your page right now and this contest will be closed on 30 JULY 2015. Time 2400 (+8)

Q: I am not from Malaysia, can I join too and how can I get the prize in cash?
A: Yes. We can do Paypal transfer to you. PLS NOTE: We only do PAYPAL transfer of the prize you win. All extra fee, charges, and currency convert fee will be auto deduct from the total amount you win. Pls check with Paypal and currency transfer charges for more info.

Q: What about no one and no any page that win to this contest?
A: IF, all created page from users are less than 500 Like. It mean, no one are valid for this contest. So, we will do an announcement in future to either extend the time frame or more other special prize or reward.

Q: My question is not here, how can i ask more?
A: Just drop us reply below in this forum, our support team will attend to your question and request. Thank You
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